• Before install, we highly recommend, Co-wash hair and let air dry on hanger for best results

  • Recommended to wash hair every 2 weeks, if you have leave out and your natural hair is oily we recommend washing every week

  • For best results and natural state of the hair when you wash it while installed please air dry. For body wave you can braid/twist it and take it down once dry

  • Keep in mind curly textures require moisturerecommend spraying it with water for a nice curly pattern, at least every 4 days. But daily if you want to wear/restore hair to its most natural state.

  • Remember installation of hair extensions is used as protective styles so we do not recommend straightening your natural hair every single day (too much heat can be damaging). This is for women that prefer leave out over frontals and closures

  • DO NOT sleep on wet hair. Please remember its human hair so take care of it like it’s your own. Keeping in mind hair is in its most fragile state when wet

  • Sleep on satin pillow case or with silk head wrap

  • Brush/detangle from bottom to top

  • DO NOT cut wefts, we recommend using the fold over method

  • With proper care and maintenance your Kahmir Hair extensions can last for over 1 year; this will solely depend on each individual and how they care for the hair as well as the amount of installs.

Stay tune for our hair care line (to include shampoo and co-wash) to help maintain your investment. To be in the know, first, sign up for our newsletter.

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