• Be very gentle when taking off your strips. Its important first wash your hands and recommended to use a water-based makeup solution to gently tug the strips and loosen the glue until removal.

  • Do your best to not pull at the lashes itself when removing or placing the lashes on, touch the actual strip.

  • We recommend using tweezers for the application

  • Keep in mind these are strips and its one size, although we don’t agree with the “one size fit all” approach therefore if you need to fit your strips to your eye please use small styling scissors to take off a little of the lash, we recommend ONLY doing this if you need to customize the fit. Meaning if your natural lash line is shorter then the strips. Make sure to cut from the band and not the actual lash hair. Make small cuts until you adjust it enough for your individualize perfect fit

  • For longer wear from your lash please clean and remove any left over adhesive after every application

  • Lashes will add that missing flare to your face and can help with any look you’re going for (glam/causal/makeup free, etc). We do not recommend adding mascara as over time it can shorter the longevity however adding mascara will add more pop to your eyes and will not harm the lashes if you choose to apply it to your falsies.

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